Power Issues

My last two trips to the barn have been cut short with power issues. In sub zero, with no lights, power or heating I must admit I’ve bailed early.

Today it was a little warmer and whilst I had the use of a temporary extension it was enough to run a heater from for an hour. Rigging up the reversing light and a small LED battery powered unit gave me enough for a late but welcome hour in the shed cutting the exit for the driver’s side quad collector for the headers.

The hole is now cut and collector through. It needs to be opened up and tidied but the next step is to ease them on… …Or wrap them in a carpet and hammer with all my might as another tipped.



I picked a couple of roll hoops up from Dax just before Christmas and managed to spend an hour for the first time in a long while at the lockup.

One pilot hole drilled from the boot upwards and the first 1.5″ hole opened up.


With the hoop in place a second pilot hole was drilled from the wheel arch upwards and opened up too. Seat belt retaining bolt hole now marked and ready to be drilled.


Not much work but it looks like progress 🙂

Body Bonding

The body has now finally been tied to the chassis permanently. I thought I would have been doing this job a month or two ago but I hadn’t realised how many other little things I needed to sort first.

With the help of four friends, the chassis was covered in wurth bond and seal and the body was lifted off the stands and manouvered into place. Lots of pushing then ensued to try and get it hard up against the foot well plates of the chassis. Next, 150 or so holes were drilled and the rivets all popped in. I didn’t use an air rivet gun as others have but instead a battery powered Gesipa Accubird riveter that I’d bought on eBay at the start of the build (wrongly thinking that I needed it for the brake pipes.) It made what could have been a very tiring and tedious job a doddle so well recommended.

Build time: 95 hours

Pedal box fitting

What an absolute pig of a job. Trying to get into the foot well, line things up and get the necessary holes and slots cut. Difficult due to the angles but doubley so when doing it single handedly without anyone holding the gubbins
in the engine bay.


I thought I’d cut everything in the right place but low and behold once it was all reassembled most things were a few mm out.

Some of they guys that have gone before me have always said to cut holes bigger than are necessary as the brackets cover every thing but I’d tried to be precise. 8 hours later, I’ve finally taken that advise especially for the bracket that comes through roof of the foot well although it’s worth saying that the cut isn’t quite perpendicular to the front edge. I found this out the hard way and now the top bracket doesn’t quite cover part of the cut. It should be small enough to end up hidden but it’s an added frustration on this particular job.

Hours so far: 72

More rear suspension and a body arrives!

The biggest and best news today – the body arrived!

The only slight problem was a Mazda being left parked across one of the garages doors, however even that didn’t stop Andy from Dax, a just met next door neighboor and myself from man-handling it in and up onto it’s shelf. It’s all rather exciting and I’m just hoping it’s not up there for too long.


Along with the body a few other bits and pieces also arrived, the fixing kit, the aluminum engine bay kit, the pedal box and master and slave cylinders. More things to learn about!

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