Pipes, wires, shafts, glass & fire…

There haven’t been many updates recently but quite a few jobs have been slowly ticked off on the cobra…  Since the doors went on I’ve had deliveries of lots of things including random silicon pipes from the lovely people at Auto Silicone Hoses.  They’ve been great regarding service and the product is tops so it’s been great getting the coolant runs linked up.  I’ve had a few miss-fires on the pipe-shapes and lengths needed but think I’m there, although I’m already thinking blue may not be the best colour for them so I may replace them with black ones as I get to the finish line…

The front nudge bars have also gone on aided by a dodgy wooden block being used as a drilling template…

I have a set of quick lifts for the final version of the car but for now they stay safely packed away.

The locks on the door have also been added, although looking at other builds my strikers seem to be further back than most as I had to take some of the fibreglass lip away to allow the doors to close and catch when flush with the body.  Either way the doors sit right and have an even gap around the edges so for the time being I’ll just roll with it and rebuild the edge with fibre-glass but curving it around the back of the strikers…

The power steering column has gone back in again, along with all the dash and dials too so I can start the process of wiring up everything.  One thing I’m not completely there on is where the bracing bracket which stops it falling too low connects to the column as on it’s first sitting it was forcing the column far too high. Moving the bracing bar to a lower mounting bolt on the column seem to lower it enough but the ignition barrel still appears as if it will clash with the dashboard.  I had intended at this point to get the heater and wash wipe motors in place too to help push the wiring on, but on a visit to Dax, I was told to wait until I had a windscreen as this is the only true way of getting the centre line that you need to work to.  I’m loathed to put the heater in as I know I’ll manage to place it in just the wrong place by a smidge.  This means the wiring is still all hanging loose awaiting a bit of attention. Speaking of placing things in the wrong place, the brake servo reservoir? has also been remounted with a home made aluminium plate as where I originally had it it fouled the distributor cap once the engine went in lowered in (just fouled by being a  standard smidge over to the centre)

Another job that’s been tackled has been resetting the Gearbox.  I hadn’t been expecting to need to to this but whilst down at Dax I’d mentioned that I was struggling to get a couple of bolts to bite sufficiently into the Gearbox mount that provides support from the chassis cross plate.  The bolts were tightening but seemed to slip in the rubber under pressure.  I wasn’t sure if this was intended – to give the gear box a more flexible mount for instance but the guys let me know for sure that this shouldn’t be.  After going over the issue we figured my mount was too small and not really fit for the purpose and may have been supplied with the Tremec for a different application.  So, armed with a new mount and a new cross plate I started on cutting the plate down to size and getting the holes in place.  The plate is seriously thick and I wanted to find a quicker way of getting through it as I was down to my last blade in my trusty hacksaw and I had a feeling it was starting to dull. Checking the power tool pile the angle grinder leaped out as being ideal for the job.  After cutting for a while and showering sparks everywhere things seemed to be going well and I only had a couple of cm’s to go.  Unfortunately, the next few cm’s didn’t go quite so well as I managed to set myself on fire!  The sparks that I’d been keeping an eye on managed to catch my T shirt and it finally went up!  Looking down and seeing it burning caused a bit of bum twitching and manic T-shirt stripping off.  Luckily clothes these days are anti-flammable so no great problems but it did leave roughly a 5cm hole in my shirt…  …and…  I had to re-cut the plate again (with the hacksaw) as it was still 5mm too long!  A new pack of blades has been ordered.


After these jobs were all complete it’s been a bit of a waiting game as I placed orders for the prop shaft and windscreen and waited.

The prop came from Dave Mac Prop Shafts who have been really excellent helping me get exactly what I needed (http://davemacprops.co.uk/dmphome.html)  handling much of the spec’ing and ordering via email and doing it all for a great price.  The windscreen had a much longer lead time of 8 weeks but was ordered direct from Cris @ Brasscraft (http://www.brasscraft.co.uk/).  I’ve had a chat with him each week to keep my position in his build queue and he’s been great and only taking a payment as it was ready to be delivered, rather than taking an upfront deposit.

Once the prop arrived I was bracing for problems fitting it, as I’d heard horror stories about it being very tricky to get the bolts in through the flange as they often can foul the UJ but it was absolutely straight forwards as the holes in the flange were positioned specifically to ensure that this didn’t happen. The prop fits perfectly 🙂

Bang on eight weeks after ordering, the windscreen turned up in the largest box ever.  After not being able to get to the garage for a few days, today I had a few hours free so ran off to do a trial fit and get that all important centre line.  After much measuring and a little bit of filing to open out the pre-cut DAX holes it’s in and at the correct angle and alignment thanks to a large length of timber.  I’ll double check again next time I’m up and if it’s all OK it’ll be clamped in, drilled and finally bolted it to the chassis.

Having the screen in place makes a massive difference and makes the car look all the closer to being a true Cobra (as long as I don’t look inside where everything is hanging loose!)  Roll on the next big push…


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