Spot the difference

What 3 posts in less than 2 weeks!  Shock horror but I managed to slip away to the garage for another few hours this afternoon!

You may not be able to tell at first glance but the pictures below are very satisfying!


The pipes are hanging there without the heater and any blocks of wood propping them in place! 🙂 Woo Hoo!  What should have been a quick job with two holes to drill for the passenger side bracket turned into a bit of a pig as my drill bit that I use to do the pilot hole snapped in the hole and I couldn’t get it out.  The only way I found, in the end, was to blunt another three bits with brute force and drill the drill.  I now need to buy a few replacement bits but it makes me happy that the side pipes are now in place with all the gaps symmetrical on each side thanks to the rubber head of a rubber screwdriver for hand gap gauging.

The next job I thought I’d tackle was adding the hinges to the boot. It’s being lying in place for what’s most likely several years but I’ve never added the hinges.  With this new found gusto I’m on a mission to use up all the parts I’ve bought in the past before buying any more.  Hopefully this will mean that the garage naturally tidies itself in the process!  We’ll after re-introducing the second hoop, lots of measuring and marking and tying a string in place on the nose and waiting it using a lump of wood at the back all the centre lines  have been marked but there seems to be one minor issue…  …I’m not sure that I ever bought the rear hinges. Doh!  At the time my idea was to have a hidden hinge at the back but I’m not sure I have the skill to achieve this and Dax and DB don’t seem to sell a kit that I can buy that would achieve what I’m after so it’s back the traditional external hinges.  I’l leave things marked up for now and hope as the garage starts to tidy itself a bag of hinges will appear or I’ll confirm that I don’t have them and get some ordered.

Lastly, the oil cooler has been bolted in place.  Coated with some foam shock dampening tape on the bottom and with the aid of the centre line it’s been bolted to the Cobra’s fireglass nose.  I wasn’t sure that this would be acceptable but after looking at a few “in-progress” builds at the Dax garage a few weeks ago this is exactly how they have done it so it just leaves things to be plumbed in now to move the engine bay area forward.

Till next time…

Build Time : 220 Hours (possibly)


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