What a difference a few bolts make! The doors are on, plus one side pipe is mounted at the rear to the chassis (just not on the pics) and the other is ready for mounting.

The bolts of the door hinges are a pig to tighten because of the limited space within the door and because the studs are sooooo long meaning you spend more time in that limited space grating your knuckles for as long as possible. I chopped one set down to ease the pain but I could have taken another 10mm off the stud happily. In the end a 13m angular rachet spanner made the job more bareable.

Cutting a 3mm steel bar into small sections and sticking them around the door opening provided some simple consistent spacing to sit each door on and with a little bit of sanding for the drivers door both lined up with suprisingly little pain.

One top tip for those that buy their exhaust pipes from the good man that is Dave Brooks – your rear brackets, bobbins and bolts are packed inside one of the pipes! Mine fell out as I fitted the second side pipe and I’d shelled out money for the bits from Dax! Doh!!

Build time: Another six hours on…



  1. Ive spent days trying to get doors to fit, and fitting the catches was a pain. Looking at getting exhaust, I note yout got exhaust from Dave Brooks, is it cheaper than Dax? Also, does it clear the steering shaft through the headers

  2. I think I must have been lucky with the doors as I got both in place with fairly little fuss. The drivers side only needed a bit of rubbing down on the curve where it meets the dash. (I think it could have do with a little more but I’ll wait till I’m ready for paint prep) I’ve just gathered the bits for the catches so I’ll look forward to that – I think that’s the next job coming up unless I start plumbing the engine in which I’m tempted to do too…

    The pipes are from Dave and I think I got a good deal on them as he’d just recived a shipment in. It was a few years ago when I bought them but I remember I took the chance as they were at the time cheaper than Dax’s – I just can’t remember exactly by how much and times may have changed since then so I would check with both. The only thing I have been told by one person is that the DB ones may need extra muffling added as they’re pretty noisy – which is a good thing for tunnels and general fun but not so good for IVA noise limits;)

    I was a little worried about the steering shaft clearing the headers as I’d made the hoe through slightly further in (by about an inch) than the recommended “as hard up the the foot well wall and top as possible” general direction as I hadn’t came across it at the time I did it all, but I was very relieved when I found that all was OK and the shaft and the universal joint both sit in the gap fine!

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