Brake pipes and heatsheilding

I’ve had a few more hours in the barn today as our big house build is complete and the decoration DIY nears completion. I’m hoping this becomes more frequent in the next few months but we’ll see.

I’ve been working on getting the brake pipes connected up back to the master cylinder and protected from the heat that the exhausts will give off.  First off has been getting the pipes unwound from their temporary coil (left that way 2 years or so ago!) and fixed to bulkhead and routed to the master servo. With a bit of trial and error working out how tight you had to go to get a rivnut in set correctly, rather than breaking the mandrel (not so tight) the pipes are now in place.

Not so pretty brake lines

Not so pretty brake lines

They’re not great by any means but at least they are fixed in place now.  Next up was how to hide the mess and shield them from the heat from the exhausts that will exit just under the servo and by the lines. There are some great examples on various other sites including wrapping them with thermal tape and a fantastically nicely made shield (here) with thermo-thing calculations to go with it!  I like the later option, but knowing I’m a complete ameture at this I reality checked myself and started hunting for some thermal sheeting which I can create a more simple shield from.  After much hunting around I found something called “Nimbus GII 2 Layer Heat Shield” material that seemed like it may do the job.  Being aluminum and made for the job of holding the heat back it seemed like it should be flexible enough to work with so I thought I’d give it a go.  One quick order with Merlin Motorsports for 2 300mm x 600mm sheets and I had the necessary bits.  With a an hour or so set aside for bodging a cardboard template and then another couple for scratching my head and cutting the sheets down to shape and size I think it may end up working, which is a nice surprise!

The two parts are all covered in masking tape at the moment to protect the paintwork and check the fitting, but it’s initially looking good.  More rivnuts have been sunk to allow the pipe shield to be attached to the engine bay / wheel arch wall and I need to find some nice looking brackets to help mount the the servo shield plus some rubber edging to finish the panels off.  Lastly, a few holes will be made in the leading edges of the shield to allow more air to flow over and out the exit vents to help with cooling but they should be ready for fitting very soon 🙂

Build time: Somewhere around 185 hours in the garage but too many on the Internet researching…


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